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Purple Tube Project


The Monroe County Purple Tube Project is to provide First Responders and Emergency Personnel with important information about the medical and behavioral needs of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


How does it work?

The Tube is placed in the home, providing easy and quick access to specific information about the individual on how to best care for their needs in the event of an emergency.  The Monroe County Emergency Dispatch will also be given the information of where the Tube can be found in the home.

How much does it cost for the Purple Tube Project?

There is NO cost to be part of the Monroe County Purple Tube Project.

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What is stored in the Tube?

The Monroe County Purple Tube Project is an information gathering source that can save time and in some cases, lives. 


Contents in the Tube include:

  • a safety plan for medical or behavioral emergencies for those with dementia

  • a brief medical history

  • emergency and non-emergency contacts

  • a release of informtion so context can be shared with First Responders, Emergency Rooms and Crisis Personnel

  • updated photos

  • a copy of the patient's healthcare power of attorney

How do I register for the Purple Tube Project?

A family member or caregiver must fill out the Purple Tube Project registration form and then will receive the Purple Tube along with instructions of what to include in the tube. 


Once that information is enclosed in the tube, they must let the Monroe County Emergency Dispatch know where the Purple Tube can be found in the home. 


A valuable tip is to have information easily seen to let law enforcement know where the Purple Tube is located in the home.


What are some common encounters with people with dementia?

  • Auto accidents

  • Erratic driving

  • False reports and victimization

  • Indecent exposure

  • Shoplifting

  • Domestic abuse

  • Victims of elderly abuse

  • Suicide and homicide

  • Lost or wandering

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How the Purple Tube Project helps Law Enforcement, First Responders & Emergency Personnel?

  • We know where we may have a vulnerable adult

  • We can change our response/interaction

  • We know we should be concerned if we see someone alone

  • We know where they live, where they frequent, what they drive for positive reasons

What does the Purple Tube Project do for Families?

  • Assists families coping with dementia

  • It develops a crisis/safety plan

  • It is at no cost to the caregiver or family members

  • A piece of mind knowing all critical information is updated and easily accessed

  • Provides ways to best interact with persons with dementia

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